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The Infinite Plane Society is a flat earth research group which does not subscribe to a belief in "ice walls" or "domes" which constrain the flat earth model to the known continents. Instead, they assert the flat earth is an endless flat plane.

They sponsored a number of publicity stunts intended at taking flat earth "out of the Youtube echo-chambers", including a "Research Flat Earth" billboard campaign and a flat earth sponsored steam-powered rocket jump.[1] by world-famous daredevil and flat earth believer "Mad" Mike Hughes. "In 2017, he called in to the Infinite Plane Society, a live-stream YouTube channel that discusses Earth’s flatness and other matters, to announce his beliefs and ambitions and ask for the community’s endorsement."

The billboard campaign Infinite Plane Society sponsored[2] is what caught "Mad" Mike Hughes' attention. The message “Research Flat Earth", was painted on the side of the daredevil's rocket, leading to international news coverage[3]

The Infinite Plane Society was represented at the International Flat Earth Conference 2018 in Denver, Colorado by its spokesman Tim Ozman[4], who also appears in the Netflix documentary Behind The Curve, in which he states the error in assuming the existence of a dome on a flat earth model.



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