Dear Tim, Please read this on your next live stream. I do not have a channel so I feel like my voice might go ignored otherwise. I already sent this letter to Owen Benjamin, Mark Sargent, DIRTH, Karlee Sunshine, D. Marble, Karen B, Horry Sheet, Bob Knodle, Phillip Stallings, and Robbie Davidson only to be ignored.


AN OPEN LETTER TO OWEN BENJAMIN FROM an Anonymous LGBTI Jewish Activist & Flat Earther

Dear Owen Benjamin,

I was excited to learn that you would be speaking at the upcoming International Flat Earth Conference in Dallas, TX. I feel like the truth about our world will get out if we can just get a popular enough celebrity on our side.

Logan Paul failed us, Eddie Bravo ignores us, and none of the athletes who profess a curiosity about flat earth are willing to speak on our behalf. So when you came along, I was thrilled. Finally! A famous flat earther willing to go against the grain and champion our cause.

But then I heard you make several derisive statements about Jewish people, whom you referred to as “small hats.” Ok, so I wear a Yarmulke, as do my parents, grandparents, and my family down through the generations. This includes those who wore that “small hat” even in the face of oppression.

So I have, as you may understand, a little sensitivity about that as I have family who died at the hands of the NAZI psychopaths. So my first thought, upon hearing you bashing my people and our traditional headgear, I wondered “why the dog whistle?”

Why do you have to cloak your disdain for Jews with euphemism?

Now, apart from this I was even more bothered by your transphobia. The more Christian side of the flat earth community has a problem with Jews. I get that. Eric Dubay already introduced White Nationalism into the flat earth topic so it’s not new to me.

The transphobia and hatred of gays is also part of the flat earth community’s dark underbelly, but it is mostly relegated to the more “end times” prophecy types. So when I heard you say you wanted to use the rainbow sign to slit the throat of a “tranny”, I was surprised. I didn’t think of you as one of those flat earthers. Then you mentioned that the Jews killed Jesus, and that the devil doesn’t protect them or the “homos”.

Then you said that Jews (who you called “clip-d*cked Jews”) and “tranny’s” are bringing an end to civilization.

This was followed by a rant about your “blood lust” and that, even though the devil doesn’t protect homos. Then you said not to kill gay people by strangling them with their rainbow flags, no matter how much your blood lust may call for it.

Why do you think it’s okay to rant about murdering transgendered people and gays? Do you really believe that such a small minority threatens your existence?

You can’t seriously believe that people are so stupid that your clear incitement to hatred and violence is comedy. As a gender non-conforming Jew, I must strongly condemn your bigotry, bloodlust, and hate. As a flat earther, I have to take a stand against what you bring into this already controversial topic.

Recently, the flat earth community lost its most telegenic and popular personality Patricia Steere as a result of relentless cyber-bullying by haters calling her a “transgendered Jewish antiChrist.” So how are you----a transphobic anti-Jew Christian fundamentalist---how are you a fitting replacement for her?

For you to take the stage in her absence is to add insult to injury.

This is why I am boycotting the International Flat Earth Conference this year unless you step down.

Sincerely,-Anonymous Transgendered Jewish Flat Earther

#MoreThanVisibility –


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